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Welcome to HP K9 where we focus on a reality-based training curriculum. If you are interested in owning a personal protection K9 or enrolling your dog in a personal protection K9 course, here is some important information relating to this specialized field that you should consider:

A personal protection K9 is not ...Police K9s and MWDs...Sport competition dogs...
… a police service dog or a military working dog. It is not a Shutzhund, KNPV or RingSport competition dog although some of the foundation training is very similar.
that do apprehension and patrol deployment are professionals- they train constantly. Their rules of engagement are specific and their armed partners adhere to a stringent legal code. These K9s are often bred and chosen for their immense prey drive which will aid them in their pursuit of fleeing suspects. This is both a skill and attribute that the average citizen shouldn’t need nor train for. Many capable personal protection K9s do not possess the prey drive desired for this type of work.
are spectacular athletes and the titles they train for and win on the competition ground are designed to demonstrate the very characteristics and attributes associated with, amongst other specialized fields, protection-type skills. But like so many artificial combat sports, unless the dogs competing in them are cross-trained in reality-based training exercises they do little more than demonstrate potential. These dogs can very often adapt to reality protection work but for the uneducated, inexperienced buyer looking for a protection dog, these title winners can be very expensive and will most likely need extensive retraining in order to be desensitized to various competition dynamics such as biting and coveting pads and being slapped with soft rubber sticks while gripping an arm that doesn’t possess a weapon. Most creditable dog trainers will agree that a dog performs a function best when the training environment accurately reflects a realistic situation.
Personal protection K9s do not need to be “titled” or “blood-lined” to be effective protectors. It is quite possible to find good quality candidates at a rescue but not all PP K9s are capable of reaching the same level of competency. Some dogs, no matter how much training they receive will not be able to do this work and ethically, HP K9 would never try to force a dog to function as a PP K9.If you purchase or undertake to train a PP K9, there are legal, moral and ethical questions to ponder and it is the owner’s responsibility to recognize and understand the law as it pertains to owning and deploying a PP K9. Did we mention the training never ends! Make no mistake, dogs can make mistakes and a rusty PP K9 can be a liability.
The only way to ensure a well-functioning PP K9 is maintenance which means regular, properly supervised training sessions. If this seems like TOO MUCH maintenance than maybe a PP K9 is not for you! The dog’s gender doesn’t matter nor does the breed but the “more” dog you have at the end of your leash, the more important the level of obedience- control is the key!If  the program you undertake has any credibility then plan on spending some quality time with your PP K9 because the dog will only be as reliable as the handler’s skill-WHICH MEANS YOU. To achieve a properly trained PP K9, there will be many sessions over an extended period of phase training involving several experienced trainers. Did we mention the training never ends!
The only way to prepare a personal protection K9 for direct physical engagement is through reality-based training scenarios.

In Closing

Our programs are designed to train the dog to recognize imminent aggression and to engage accordingly at the command of its handler… PERIOD!


PP K9s are trained to respond to direct threat not to pursue fleeing suspects. Remember, the criteria for a PP K9 executing civilian defense of its family or a loved one is an entirely different skill than police or military-style apprehension.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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