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Our programs begin with the fundamentals, which mean a high priority is placed on obedience training at all stages of a protection K9’s evolution. Each owner/handler has a responsibility to his or her personal protection K9 to evolve their skills right along with those of their dog’s.

All of the course’s private sessions are individually designed to build and refine each dog’s specific skill set.

 Various types of foundation work include: 

Tug work
Grip Setting
Targeting Suit, sleeve (arm and leg)
barriers (objects) Work
Muzzle work (Intro thru groundwork)
Detention Bark (Bark and hold)
On leash and drop leash control
Handler attacks (proximity training)

Our programs are founded on the concept that reality-based scenarios are the best way to prepare a K9 team for the real world —the unexpected.

Each program divides its time between these three distinctive phases:

  1. Obedience (Common and Tactical)

  2. Foundation (Technical reinforcement)

  3. Reality-based Scenarios

As the PP K9 evolves, the scenarios created in training allow the K9 to process more complicated information and problem solve right along with its handler, preparing the PP K9 for unforeseen events.