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Director-Personal Protection K9 Program
Resident Decoy

Jaymi Crook is the Director of K9 training for High Powered K9 as well as an obedience and behavior modification trainer for MPK9. Jaymi continues to supplement his training responsibilities with attendance at different types of dog training seminars most recently working with renowned K9 trainer Mike D’abruzzo owner of K9-1 . He has been privately contracted to train personal security K9s for Law enforcement and military personnel and currently maintains training relationships with several working K9 teams. Mr. Crook is also the author of “Dogs Along The Way” available at


To date the breeds he as trained to do personal protection work include:

German Shepherds
Pit Bulls
Doberman Pinchers
Cane Corsos
Pressa Canarios
Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherds

CesarMilan-Jaymi_480x533His own training background includes eighteen months study of competition-style obedience handling, a year’s apprenticeship under former Military Working Dog handler and trainer Greg Conner, and six months study of Retrieval and Stability Service Dog techniques at Gold Star Service Dog Center. Jaymi is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and an AKC CGC Evaluator.




In 2014, Jaymi and his K9 partner Thor certified as an Explosives Detection Team with the California Narcotics Canine Association in Los Angeles.


at Adlerhorst with Dave Reaver

at Adlerhorst with Dave Reaver

In March of 2015 Mr. Crook participated in and completed an agitator seminar at the renowned Adlerhorst International  Police K9 Academy under the direction of legendary Police K9 trainer Dave Reaver.


 Jaymi’s obedience work in other areas can be found on his own K9 obedience website at: