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Owner – High-Powered K9

Master Dog Trainer Greg Conner is a former Military Working Dog Handler and Trainer with more than twenty-five years experience training virtually every breed of
K9. He is certified by the US government and licensed in the state of Nevada to work and train Police K9s. Mr. Conner has trained hundreds of K9s to work as personal protectors for their owners.

Greg is an AKC CGC Evaluator and the owner of MP K9 All Breed Dog Training and Play and Train Doggie Day Care. He has made presentations and or participated in dozens of Las Vegas Dog rescue and charity events with his personal K9 Echo helping to raise thousands of dollars and place hundreds of area rescues. As an MilitaryPolice K9 handler in the late 80s, Sgt. Greg Conner worked police patrol, point (lead) for Special Operations (Green Beret) jungle patrols, DEA and bomb dog detection in Panama and Columbia.


Mr. Conner has trained and certified a number of Journeyman Dog trainers and continues to refine their skills as obedience and personal protections trainers.

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